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Pet Policy

What to Know about the Volaris Pet Policy?

Volaris Airlines was established in 2004 and started flying in 2006. The business is a Mexican airline, and it is based in Mexico City. The low-cost airline has more than 65 international connections and is the second-largest aviation enterprise in the nation. Domestic aviation is mostly under the hands of the largest transporter, which manages over 28% of the market's traffic.

Now when you wish to travel in Volaris along with your four-legged family member, you can do so easily by just keeping a few of the vital things in mind about their Volaris Pet Policy. You can refer to this blog by Air1Network to know about the same apart from other details.

What does the Volaris Pet Policy state?

  • If the container and the animal weigh more than 10 kg, the shipment must be authorized for the Volaris pet cargo hold and be transported on the same flight as the passenger.
  • Volaris Pet Policy permits cats and dogs to travel as pets but does not accept animals younger than 4 months old. Pets may be transported on board an aircraft in the luggage hold as long as the total mass of the container and the pet do not exceed 45 kg.
  • Violence-prone animals and females who are pregnant are also prohibited, as are animals with medical conditions or nursing needs.
  • The maximum number of pets that can be flown on a flight is 4. Under the Volaris pet-in-cabin program, one pet is permitted per passenger.
  • Pets under anesthesia, those without a current health or immunization certificate, or those lacking any other necessary papers won't be accepted.
  • Unclean pets or those that need to be cleansed won't be accepted.
  • A collar, leash, or harness must always be used to restrain pets.
  • Animals that, by nature or behavior, endanger the crew or passengers will not be permitted in the passenger cabin.
  • Each pet must receive a rabies vaccination at least 30 days prior to the departure date. Aside from.

Is there a Volaris Dog Policy?

  • The Volaris Dog policy states that if a dog is older than 15 months, the original and subsequent anti-rabies immunizations must be documented.
  • The immunization card must reflect the administration of the vaccine and/or its reinforcement at least a year prior to the departure date.
  • A licensed veterinarian must issue the immunization certificate on paper with a nameplate and contain the date and license number.
  • Current anti-parasitic that is not more than 6 months till the date of the return trip.
  • The Health Certificate, which attests to the clinical health of your pet after an examination. If the person is traveling roundtrip, the certificate's validity must be met with the arrival flight.
  • A completed pet transportation form was handed to Volaris at check-in.
  • A copy and the original of the zoo-sanitary certificate are needed when traveling to and from Mexico and Central America by air.
  • If traveling by plane to and from the USA, the pet's health certificate is not required.

Can I carry my pet onboard the Volaris flights?

  • The pet must be completely confined in a pet carrier container that has been certified by Volaris. The size must not exceed 44 cm by 30 cm by 19 cm (17.5 x 12 x 7.5 inches).
  • The pet has to be able to stand up and move about freely within the cage or container.
  • As it is in accordance with the aforementioned rules and requirements, the kennel must be sturdy if indeed the pet is a dog. The cage or kennel for cats must be sturdy.
  • The cage ought to be placed underneath the seat.
  • Your pet is not allowed to exit its cage during the trip, under any circumstances.
  • If the traveler is traveling with a cat, they should take a window seat in the last row of the aircraft.

How much is the Volaris Pet Fee?

As per the Volaris Airlines pet policy, the pet flight fee depends on domestic and international routes.  The Volaris pet fee for flights within Mexico is as follows:

  • For pets onboard, you have to pay USD 60 when you have reserved an online booking and USD 75 at the airport.
  • For pets traveling as checked baggage, you have to pay USD 100 when you have reserved an online booking and USD 135 at the airport.

Now for international routes:

  • For pets onboard, you have to pay USD 100 when you have reserved an online booking and USD 200 at the airport.
  • For pets traveling as checked baggage, you have to pay USD 125 when you have reserved an online booking and USD 225 at the airport.

FAQs regarding Volaris Pet Policy

Can I bring my pet on Volaris flights?
Yes, you can bring your pet on Volaris flights. However, you should be well aware of the Volaris Pet Policy.
How can I add my pet on Volaris flights?
You can add your pet while making online reservations with Volaris Airlines on their official website.
What preparations should I take for flying with my pets?
You should feed your pet at least 4 hours before the flight departure, and make sure the kennel for your pet is safe and secure.
When should I arrive at the airport with my pets?
You should try to reach the airport with your pets at least 2 hours before the flight departs.
Is there a helpline number for Volaris Pet Policy?
You can reach out to us at Air1Network for any information regarding the Volaris Pet Policy.

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