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Pet Policy

Get Acquainted with British Airways Pet Policy

British Airways, a well-known air carrier in the nation, provides the safest methods for moving animals both inside and beyond the country. On board the aircraft, passengers are allowed to bring their pets or cats. Refer to the article given here by Air1Network which elaborates on the same.

What does the British Airways Pet Policy say?

From the United Kingdom:

This carrier is an option for travelers who want to leave the nation but want to bring their pets with them.

The two companies are closely related. Pet Air UK and the airline.

Since 2004, it has provided safe and secure animal transportation. It is owned and operated by competent and experienced veterinarians. You can therefore abide by their rules.

To the United Kingdom:

The airline collaborates closely with its sister firm, IAG Cargo, to transport pets to the United Kingdom.

They have been in this business for more than ten years, therefore they are skilled at moving animals without compromising their safety and comfort.

However, the pet cargo policy of British Airways has various guidelines. To avoid last-minute headaches, you should read everything.

After speaking with the airline, you can learn the most recent regulations for cargo.

Limitations on Pet Carrier on British Airways Flights

You must be aware of the many possibilities this carrier provides for transporting animals. The British Airways animals/pets policy's guidelines for containers should now be clear to you. The following are some crucial points:

  • The 200 series kennels are required for cats traveling out of the United States of America and Canada.
  • It should have a maximum size of 68 cm (L) x 50 cm (W) x 48 cm (H).
  • The airline will accept 100 series carriers from other nations.
  • Keep all snub-nosed cats and dogs in a container that is 10% larger than usual.
  • The carrier ought to be sturdy enough to add an extra layer of protection for your pet while it is being transported.
  • Pick a carrier that is perforated on all four sides.
  • The kennel's door needs to be properly closed. It should be checked several times to ensure that it won't open while being handled or transported.
  • By British Airways Pet policy, the container must be roomy enough for the animal's paws and nose to fit comfortably within.
  • Containers should be easily accessible to water pots from the outside
  • The carrier shouldn't take up much room on the floor.

Documents Required for Pet Travel

Flying domestically may not require any documentation, but going abroad will call for a specific set. To determine how much paperwork is required, check the following:

  • Rabies certificates.
  • Veterinary records.
  • Passport for pets.
  • DEFRA export papers.
  • Important documents from the destination's relevant authorities.
  • Form in fitness.
  • Results of blood tests.
  • Treatment certifications and declarations.
  • Pet owner declarations submitted on forms
  • Custom and excise forms.

Flight tickets and other documents should contain accurate information, including your name.

Key Elements of British Airways Pet Policy

There are a few things you need to be aware of while flying with dogs on British Airways. There are many things to know and adhere to, from departure to connecting flights. Here, comprehensive details have been provided:


  • There is no online check-in option for animals. Therefore, you must complete it offline at the airport or the appropriate counter.
  • Seats with additional rooms will be assigned to passengers who are traveling with a service dog.
  • If your flight is delayed and this affects the condition of the animal, you should be aware of your rights. • Depending on the frequent flyer club membership level, they will be able to bring their service animal to the airport lounges.


  • The animal reception center employee at the airport will conduct clearance checks for places like the United Kingdom.

These officers will issue the "Pet Travel Scheme Entry Check Passed" document to authorize the entry of your dog.

  • Following this procedure, a British Airways professional will assist you in transporting it to the relief regions.

Connecting Flights

You will need to allow extra time for clearance by British Airways' pet policy, and you must wait in the designated area to board the connecting flight.

The airline's flexible approach enables travelers to plan their trips positively. To travel stress-free, it is recommended for every traveler to read the document and all of its sections.

FAQs about British Airways Pet Policy

Can I bring a Big Carrier for my Pet on BA Flights?
The pet carrier guidelines are strictly followed and failing the measurements will result in the rejection of your pet going onboard.
What is the cargo service for pets on British Airways?
This service by BA lets your pet be transported as cargo rules which are set by the operator. You can reach out to the airline to know more about it.
Can I bring my parakeet on a British Airways flight?
Unfortunately, you can only bring your dogs and cats on British Airways flights.
Does the airline let you carry your pet in the cabin of BA?
Yes, you can carry your pet in the cabin in the carrier limitations which are explained in this article.
What are the British Airways pet fees?
The British Airways pet fees depend on the pet size and the destination route which can be anything from USD 120 to USD 400.

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