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Pet Policy

What is the Turkish Airlines Pet Policy?

The greatest way to research destinations is to travel there. You experience locations you've never seen before, develop friendships with total strangers that last a lifetime, and increase your understanding of the world. However, sometimes the enjoyment of the whole event is diminished if a pet is waiting for you at home.

What if we told you that there is an airline that will welcome your pet with open arms, allowing you two to chase sunsets together? We are discussing Turkish Airlines' pet policy.

Do Turkish Airlines allow Pets?

Nearly all flights by airlines allow your devoted pet to travel with you. Simply ensure that all necessary paperwork is completed in advance. Doing so helps you prevent last-minute chaos, which may be stressful for both you and your pet.

You may make this a wonderful journey for both you and your pet if you have a general understanding of the airline's pet policy. For assistance, call the Turkish hotline.

Dogs, cats, and other small domesticated animals are welcome aboard Turkish Airlines flights with their owners. Certain breeds of these animals and birds are not permitted for a variety of reasons. Before booking a space for your pet, visit the website and look over the list of breeds.

What is the Turkish Pet Policy?

  • Turkish Airlines' Pet Policy is similar to that of other airlines in that it permits pets in the cabin as long as they meet specific weight and size restrictions. Let's get into more depth about them.
  • Pet and carrier cannot weigh more than 17 lbs. collectively. Please make sure you are considering the weight restriction.
  • The kennel cannot be larger than 9*15.5*21.5 inches in terms of dimensions. Airlines may refuse to allow your pet to travel in a cabin with you if the kennel is larger than this.

Do Turkish airlines allow pets in the cabin?

You discovered that there are small animals that can go with you in your cabin. What about your larger animals, though? Then, your pet is allowed to be checked in as a piece of checked luggage.

Turkish Airlines aircraft will accept pets and kennels that do not meet the weight and size restrictions for in-cabin travel as checked baggage.

Please make sure that your pet has enough room in its kennel to walk around a bit and rest peacefully. The airlines encourage you to spend more money on a high-quality pet kennel with adequate ventilation and secure fastening.

Frequently asked questions about Turkish Airlines (TK) Pet Policy

Which kind of seats are appropriate for travelers bringing dogs into the cabin?
Pet-owning passengers are given seats away from baby stroller equipment and emergency exit doors in the cabin. This is carried out to guarantee everyone's safety while flying.
What proof must I present for my emotional support animal or assistance dog?
A licensed veterinarian's endorsement verifies your pet's wellbeing and suitability for travel. You must provide documented documentation attesting that your pet is trained to relieve itself quietly and without endangering the safety and well-being of other passengers. A note from your doctor describing your condition and your requirement for a service animal.
Can I bring my dog on Turkish Airlines as an in-cabin pet?
If they meet certain weight and size standards, domesticated small dogs are also permitted in the cabin by Turkish Airlines. Make sure your dog is kennel trained if you're taking him to the cottage. There are some dog breeds that are not acceptable for a variety of reasons. Before booking a space for your pet, please check the breed list on the official website.

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