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Pet Policy

Singapore Airlines Pet Policy on Air1network

Singapore Airlines provides a delightful flying experience for pet owners, ensuring that beloved furry friends can accompany their human companions on their travels. Recognizing the importance of pets in people's lives, Singapore Airlines offers a dedicated service called "SIA PetRelocation" that ensures the comfort and safety of pets throughout their journey. From spacious and well-ventilated pet cabins to personalized care and attention, every detail is carefully considered. By referring to this blog by Air1Network, you will get all the information regarding Singapore Airlines flying with pets.

What is the Singapore Airlines Pet Policy?

Singapore Airlines has a comprehensive pet policy in place to ensure the well-being and safety of pets traveling on their flights:

  • Singapore Airlines allows the transport of dogs and cats as checked baggage or cargo. Other pets such as birds and rabbits may be accepted on a case-by-case basis.
  • Pet owners must make reservations for their pets in advance, as there are limited spaces available on each flight.
  • Pets must have a valid health certificate issued by a licensed veterinarian, including necessary vaccinations and treatments.
  • Singapore Airlines imposes temperature restrictions to ensure the safety of pets.
  • Pet owners are responsible for complying with all import/export regulations, quarantine requirements, and documentation needed for their pet's travel.
  • Some destinations may have specific restrictions or exclusions on pet travel as per the Singapore Airlines pet policy.

What are the kennel requirements for Singapore Airlines flying with pets?

When flying with pets on Singapore Airlines, specific kennel requirements must be met to ensure the safety and comfort of the animals:

  • The kennel must be an IATA-approved pet container suitable for air travel. It should be made of sturdy and non-toxic materials with secure locks.
  • The kennel must be spacious enough for the pet to stand, turn around, and lie down comfortably. The dimensions should allow adequate ventilation and airflow.
  • The kennel must have a secure door that latches properly. Ventilation holes on at least three sides of the container are necessary to ensure proper airflow.
  • The kennel should have absorbent bedding to keep the pet dry and comfortable during the journey.
  • The kennel should include spill-proof containers for food and water, accessible from the outside.
  • The kennel must be clearly labeled with the pet's name, owner's contact information, and any other required identification tags.

How do I add my pets on Singapore Airlines flights?

To add your pets on Singapore Airlines flights, you need to follow these steps:

  • Reach out to Singapore Airlines directly to inquire about their pet transportation services.
  • Confirm that your pet meets the eligibility requirements for travel, such as health conditions, age restrictions, and compliance with destination country regulations.
  • Once you have confirmed your pet's eligibility, make a reservation for your pet's travel.
  • Obtain all the necessary documentation for your pet's travel, including a valid health certificate and vaccination records.
  • Prepare an IATA-approved kennel that meets Singapore Airlines' requirements.
  • Singapore Airlines may charge additional fees for pet transportation.
  • Arrive at the airport in advance to complete the check-in process for your pet.

How much is the Charge for Flying with Pets on Singapore Airlines Flights?

The charges for flying with pets on Singapore Airlines flights can vary depending on various factors such as the destination, the size of the pet, and the type of service chosen. It is best to directly contact Singapore Airlines or visit their official website to obtain the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding the charges for flying with pets. The charges can be from USD 50 to USD 150.

Their customer service representatives will be able to provide you with the specific fees associated with pet transportation, including any additional services or requirements that may incur charges. For more details on flying with your furry family member on Singapore Airlines, call Air1Network as our customer support team is available to help you 24*7.

FAQs on Singapore Airlines Flying with Pets

Can I bring a dog on Singapore Airlines?
Yes, Singapore Airlines allows the transportation of pets on their flights.
What types of pets are accepted on Singapore Airlines?
Singapore Airlines accepts dogs and cats as checked baggage or cargo.
Are there any health requirements for pets traveling on Singapore Airlines?
Yes, pets must have a valid health certificate issued by a licensed veterinarian, including necessary vaccinations and treatments.
Are there temperature restrictions for pet travel?
Yes, Singapore Airlines imposes temperature restrictions to ensure the safety of pets. Pets may not be accepted for travel if the temperature exceeds certain limits.

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