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Pet Policy

Pet Policy for American Airlines

Do you want to fly with your pet? Willing to carry your beloved pet with you on your flight. Grab the opportunity to fly with your pet with American Airlines. Airlines know passengers need and requirement and thus offers a fascinating Pet Policy. Here’s the information regarding the Pet Policy of American Airlines on Air1Network and fly with your loving pet.

What is The Pet Policy for American Airlines?

According to American airlines pet policy, passengers are allowed to carry domestic pets such as cats and dogs as carry-on baggage, checked baggage or pet cargo baggage. To fly with your pet you need to make a reservation in advance.

  • American Airlines Pet Policy allows 7 Kennels American Airline flights and 5 Kennels for American Eagles Flights.
  • Small Pets that should be at least 8weeks old are allowed in the Cabin of American Airlines. The carrier and pet weight together shouldn’t exceed 20lbs i.e 9kg.
  • Passengers may not be allowed to travel with pets when the weather isn’t good as per the Pet Policy of American Airlines.
  • American Airlines Pet Policy allows passengers to carry their pets like cats and dogs to be transported to cargo and pets should be at least 8weeks old and a single passenger is allowed to carry two pets.
  • Passengers who want to travel with their pets are asked to inform the airline before onboarding.
  • In-cabin with their owner trained service animals can travel for free. Service animals are the animals that are fully trained to provide services to a person with a disability.
  • You can carry your pet in the cabin on most Domestic flights as per the Pet Policy for American Airlines if your pet is small enough to fit comfortably under the front seat of a passenger.
  • You can ship your larger pet in Cargo
  • You don’t need a health certificate for your pet if you are travelling within the United States.
  • You need a rabies vaccination certificate if your pet is older than 12weeks. If your flight is travelling in Cargo then a health certificate is necessary.

Career Guideline

The pets travelling in the cabin or non-collapsible carriers shouldn’t exceed 19”×13”×9”.Animals should be kept in a carrier where they can stand up, turn around and lie down on their carrier. The pet carrier should be soft-sided and water repellent. The maximum dimension for pets travelling in Cargo is 40”×27”×30”.Please contact the airlines to know about the maximum dimension of the journey.

The following breed of dogs is not allowed to travel like Affenpinscher, Boxer, Presa Canario, Cane Corso etc.

Reservation of your Pet on American Airlines

To ensure that not more than 7pets travel in the cabin of a flight the passengers need to make a reservation. Pets in the cabin of American Airline isn’t accepted to/from countries like Hawaii, Chile, Uruguay, Argentina, Venezuela,

How much does American Airlines Charge for the Pet?

American airlines pet policy fee, the carry-on pet fee is 125$ per kennel. For travelling your pets within and between the United States, Canada, Mexico, Central and South America the fee is around $200 for transportation. You can pay your pet fee at the airport or travel centre with a credit card or paper voucher. If your travels stopover is more than 4hours then you will be charged a fee for each segment.

Can I Buy a Seat for my Pet on American Airlines?

You can’t buy an extra seat for your pet on American Airlines. You have to pay less fee if your pet is travelling as a carry-on.

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