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Pet Policy

How Do I Fly with my Dog on Spirit Airlines?

This year, if you are planning to explore adventurous locations with your pet, then you can board a plane and fly off to uncharted territory. Passengers need to plan their trip according to the airline's rules for pet-friendly airlines for a smooth journey. They need to check out Spirit Airlines Pet Policy before carrying their animals.  

Depending on the service that airlines offer, Spirit Airlines has different rules about animals on board. Spirit Airlines accepts service animals, psychiatric support animals, emotional support animals, and common pets. However, every category of animal has different policies that must be followed. On the other hand, Spirit Airlines Dog policy allows small domestic dogs. 

Here are the differences between emotional support animals and service animals before proceeding into the specifics of Spirit Airlines' animal rules.

Difference Between Airlines Service Animals and Spirit Emotional Support Animals

Here are the distinctions between Spirit Airlines emotional support and service animals:

  • Service and Spirit Airlines emotional support animals vary primarily and the former are trained to carry out particular tasks or services for their handlers.
  • A service animal has been properly trained to carry out difficult tasks even when threatened. These creatures have a high level of intelligence, remain composed, and are always able to carry out their duties.
  • On the other hand, emotional support animals are typically employed as sources of comfort and are not always trained for any particular purpose. They serve their purpose by simply being there and giving their owners a sense of security and comfort.
  • The distinction between a service animal and a comfort animal can be understood simply by noting that emotional support animals more closely resemble safety blankets.
  • Service animals carry out tasks for their owners that would otherwise, be challenging, if not impossible, for them to complete alone. For instance, a service animal working for a person with vision impairment would warn their handler if the person was about to walk off a sidewalk.
  • Due to this distinction, service animals typically receive more latitude when it comes to entry to both public and private settings.

Do Spirit Aircrafts allow Pets on Flights?

According to Spirit airlines pet policy, airlines allow domestic cats, small household birds, and small household rabbits on the flight. Pets are distinct from the aforementioned in that they offer no particular utility and are not legally or medically acknowledged as a person's indispensable companion.

As a result, pet policies are subject to much looser rules, and the business owners' judgment.

Spirit Airlines have a list of particular animals that they will never, ever let on board. These creatures are currently on this list including rodents such as hamsters, mice, rats, squirrels, etc.; snakes; other reptiles like spiders, sugar gliders, and ferrets

Restricted Pets on Spirit Airlines

Here are some criteria for restricting certain pets on Spirit Airlines:

  • Spirit Airlines further specify that "other strange creatures" may or may not be permitted to fly with them. They consider the size of the species, whether it poses a hazard to the health or safety of others, and if it is likely to fly to assess whether these other animals can fly.
  • Based on aspects such as the animal's size, if it poses a risk to the health or safety of other passengers, whether it is likely to interfere with the cabin service, and whether it is prohibited from entering a foreign nation, they decide whether these other creatures can travel.
  • Verify first and acquire written confirmation if you are unsure whether your animal will be permitted on board or not. To ensure that your vacation runs as well as possible, you should bring signed documentation with you wherever you go.

Spirit Airlines Pet Policy

  • Domestic dogs, cats, tiny domestic rabbits, and small house birds are all acceptable on Spirit Airlines' domestic flights. However, pets are not permitted on overseas flights.
  • Only six pet carriers and a maximum of two pets per container and one container per passenger are allowed per Spirit Airlines' pet policy on each flight.
  • Every pet container on a Spirit Airlines flight costs around $110 which is a total of $220 for per round-trip pet transportation. The pet carriers must adhere to the same size restrictions as carry-on luggage to be stored in the cabin.

Spirit Airlines’ Pet Carrier Requirements

As long as they can stand and move around comfortably inside their carrier, animals are allowed to fly in the cabin of the aircraft, under the seat in front of the passenger taking them aboard. The carrier must not exceed 18" X 14" X 9" in size and 40 pounds in weight.

Pets are not allowed to be checked in as luggage due to the unhygienic conditions and temperature in the cargo hold of the aircraft. Pets are also not allowed in overhead bins for the same reasons.

Unless they are service animals, pets must always travel in carriers. Regrettably, this regulation does not apply to ESAs; they will be treated in a manner similar to that of regular pets.

Spirit Airlines Dog Policy

Passengers need to pay $125 for a one-way trip and bring their pet in the cabin on Spirit Airlines, Pet carriers are limited to six per flight, so it is recommended that you reserve your pet's seat as soon as possible.

How much does Spirit Airlines Charge for Pets?

To bring a pet in the cabin on Spirit Airlines, there is a $125 one-way surcharge. Reservations are advised but not necessary. Since Spirit only allows a maximum of six pet carriers per flight, it is generally preferable to reserve a seat for your pet as soon as possible. You can compare the Spirit pet policy fee with other pet-friendly airlines.

FAQs of Spirit Airlines Flights

Can passengers carry reptiles like snakes on Spirit Airlines?
No, Spirit Airlines passengers can’t carry reptiles like snakes on Spirit Airlines.
What is the cost of carrying dogs on Spirit Airlines?
Passengers have to pay a fee of $125 for one-way when they are bringing their dogs on board.
What are the steps for adding pets to flight tickets?
Here are the steps for adding pets to flight tickets:
• To check a pet, you must contact with live Representatives at least 48 hours before departure. • Bring your official orders to the ticket desk to check-in. Take extra time for check-in (at least 2 hours and no more than 4 hours before your flight). • Work with an agent to complete a checklist. • A health certificate is required.
Can you carry all varieties of dogs on Spirit Airlines?
Yes, you can carry all varieties of dogs on Spirit Airlines.

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