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Pet Policy

What is Frontier Airlines Pet Policy?

Our vacation is incomplete when a family member is missing including our pet. Air travel usually gets convenient when we travel with our pets. People enjoy their flight when they travel with their furry friends to the place wherever they go. You have to know that pets are allowed by the Airlines and there are differences in policies only. Taking your pet on a domestic flight is also allowed. 

If you have booked your Frontier Airline Ticket and are now worried that what’s the Frontier Airline Pet Policy? Here’s the answer, Frontier Airline allows the passengers to carry certain pets in the cabin. Frontier Airline doesn’t accept pets as Checked or Cargo Baggage. Reservation of pets can be done online or by directly calling on the Frontier Flight Booking Number.

Frontier Airlines Pet Policy

Here’s the Information Related to Frontier Airline Pet Policy:

  • In-Cabin, only domesticated dogs, cats, small household birds are accepted on U.S flights and International Flights from/to Mexico and the Dominican Republic.
  • Only domesticated dogs and Cats are accepted on the International Flights.
  • For domestic flights, the one-way fee cost USD 99. Pet fee on International Flight varies according to the route.
  • At least 4months dog is allowed on Frontier Airline
  • With a disabled passenger, trained service dogs are allowed to travel in the Cabin without any charge.
  • About 10 pet containers are allowed on a flight so one passenger can carry one pet only.
  • A pet carrier will count whether you are taking it as a personal carry-on item or carry-on bag. Even if you carry a pet container in place of a personal item still you have to pay for the carry-on.
  • A health certificate, as well as other documents, is mandatory for pets travelling International Flights. Certain domestic flights of the United States needs a certificate on arrival so it's good to check before arrival.
  • It’s good to avoid feeding your pet within 4hours of your flight departure.


  • On Codeshare Flights Pets are not accepted.
  • Pets are not accepted in the cabin on flights to Hawaii, Australia, UK, UAE, South Africa, Hongkong, Dubai, etc.
  • The following pets are not accepted Large birds like Macaws, Reptiles(snakes), Rodents (mice, rats, squirrels), Spiders and Insects, Tigers, Lions or Bears.
  • Your pet should be kept in the container all the time.
  • Your pet should be harmless or Odourless, disease free.
  • Don’t feed your pet on the flight

How Do I Add a Pet to my Flight on Frontier? 

You can easily add a pet to your flight on Frontier by directly calling the Airline. You can also add a pet to your Frontier Airline Flight at can contact us by calling us at +1-844-414-9223. We are available 24*7 to help you either to book your ticket or for your pet as well.

Frontier Airlines Dog Policy

The dog is a domesticated animal and according to the pet policy of Frontier Airline, the dogs are allowed in the flights of Frontier Airlines in the Cabin. Guide Dogs are allowed regardless of their weight and size. Upload all the data related to your dog on the portal 48hours before the flight departure.

How much Does it Cost to Fly a Dog on Frontier Airlines?

Frontier Airlines Pet Fees is around $99 for one way which will vary according to flight route for International Travel. Just check out the Pet Policy of Frontier Airline and fly with your dog on Frontier Airline.

Transport Rule of a Pet on Frontier Airlines

Transport Rule of Pet on Frontier Airlines is as follows:

  • You must be kept in a container that is ventilated and the maximum size of the container is 18”×14”×8”.
  • You can’t put your pet out of the carrier during your flight
  • You can’t feed your dog on the flight so recommended feeding your dog four hours before your departure.

Flying Internationally with a Pet on Frontier

 Required documents for Pet flying Internationally on Frontier Airlines is,

  • Vaccination: You need proper documentation of the vaccination of your pet.
  • Health Certificate: Not all countries require certification but many do. So get the health certificate of your pet from a licensed veterinarian.
  • Microchipping: An Up-to-date ISO microchip is required for the pet. This microchip is required for some countries only.
  • Rabies Consideration: Usually all dogs in the US should have a rabies vaccine but it will be needed to prove it when you are travelling with your pet Internationally. 

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