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How to Add Wheelchair Assistance in Virgin Atlantic?

Virgin Atlantic is committed to providing exceptional service and ensuring a comfortable travel experience for all passengers, including those requiring wheelchair assistance. With a strong emphasis on inclusivity, Virgin Atlantic offers comprehensive wheelchair services to meet the specific needs of individuals with mobility challenges. By prioritizing accessibility and personalized care, Virgin Atlantic strives to make air travel accessible to everyone, enabling passengers to explore the world with ease and confidence which is elaborated on this page by Air1Network.

How Do I Get a Wheelchair Assistance at Virgin Atlantic?

To obtain Virgin Atlantic wheelchair assistance, you can follow these steps:

  1. Booking: When making your flight reservation, inform the airline about your need for wheelchair assistance.
  2. Contact Virgin Atlantic: Reach out to Virgin Atlantic wheelchair assistance team directly to discuss your specific needs and make arrangements.
  3. Check-in: Arrive at the airport well in advance of your flight and proceed to the check-in counter. Notify the staff about your wheelchair assistance request.
  4. Boarding: Virgin Atlantic's staff will ensure that you receive priority boarding. They will assist you in getting to your seat and stowing your wheelchair securely.
  5. During the flight: The cabin crew will be available to offer any necessary support during the flight, including help with meals, accessing the restroom, and other essential needs.
  6. Arrival and Disembarkation: Once the flight has landed, Virgin Atlantic's staff will assist you in disembarking the aircraft and provide any additional aid required.

Remember, it is recommended to notify the airline well in advance to allow them sufficient time to make appropriate arrangements for your Virgin Atlantic special assistance.

Does Virgin Atlantic Charge for a Wheelchair?

No, Virgin Atlantic charge for a special assistance is nil, so you will not have to pay anything. The airline provides wheelchair assistance as part of its commitment to ensuring accessibility and a comfortable travel experience for passengers with mobility challenges. However, it's important to note that any additional services or amenities requested beyond wheelchair assistance may have associated costs.

For example, if you require a personal attendant or require additional legroom seating for your comfort, those services may involve separate charges. It's advisable to contact Virgin Atlantic directly or refer to their official website for specific details regarding any potential charges related to your specific needs and requests.

Whom to Call to Get Special Assistance on Virgin Atlantic Flights?

To request wheelchair assistance from Virgin Atlantic, you can contact their Virgin Atlantic wheelchair assistance phone number. The airline offers a dedicated helpline for passengers with special needs, including those requiring wheelchair assistance. You can find the relevant contact information on the Virgin Atlantic website, where you can select the country you are calling from to get the appropriate phone number.

When contacting customer service, it's advisable to provide details about your specific needs, such as the type of wheelchair you use, so that they can make appropriate arrangements to ensure a comfortable and safe journey. You can reach out to Air1Network at any hour of the day to get all the assistance you require regarding Virgin Atlantic special assistance.

FAQs on Virgin Atlantic Wheelchair Assistance

Can I bring my own wheelchair when flying with Virgin Atlantic?
Yes, Virgin Atlantic allows passengers to bring their own manual or battery-powered wheelchairs.
Can I travel alone if I require wheelchair assistance?
Yes, you can travel alone with wheelchair assistance from Virgin Atlantic.
Will I receive assistance at the airport with Virgin Atlantic?
Yes, Virgin Atlantic provides trained staff members to assist passengers with wheelchair requirements at the airport.
How far in advance should I request wheelchair assistance with Virgin Atlantic?
It is advisable to request wheelchair assistance at the time of booking or at least 48 hours before your flight.

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