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How can I Upgrade to Business Class Free on Southwest?

Southwest airlines commonly known as southwest is an American airline and the legacy carrier in the U.S. offering its services without charging much from the passengers. Its headquarter is situated in Dallas, Texas. Southwest airline offers services in 121 destinations all around the world including the United States. In 2018 Southwest airlines carries the highest number of passengers compared to any other USA-based airline. Saline was founded in 1967, in past, it was named Air Southwest Co.

How to Upgrade Economy to Business Class on Southwest?

Southwest airline uses Boeing 737 jets in their fleet and provides Free checking baggage. You will enjoy your service on this economy flight and you will get all the amenities like a seat, drinks, and meals, etc. If you don't think that you will enjoy your journey, then Southwest airline provides you an option to upgrade your normal seat to business class even after booking your flight. You can change video calling flights to business class easily all you have to do is pay the extra charges for the business class ticket.

How to Upgrade Southwest Flight?

Southwest airline provides you an option to upgrade your Southwest flight seat any time before the departure date. All this can be done easily by following a few steps.

  • You need to visit the official website of Southwest airline and Log in to your account.
  • once you visit the webpage then you will find plenty of options and on the left corner, you will find options to upgrade your seat.
  • You need to open that and fill in all the details with the flight confirmation number, first and last name.
  • Follow all the guidelines given on the screen to avoid errors.
  • Choose the desired flight seat in which you want to travel and after the payment, your seat is upgraded to any class you like.

What is the Southwest Flight Seat Upgrade Policy?

Southwest Airlines has a flexible seat-up-gradation policy. Passengers are free to opt for any flight seat and they can pick any seat according to your satisfaction. Southwest flight seat up-gradation policy is explained below:

  • Southwest airlines they don’t assign seats while you book your flight, so this left you with the option to choose a seat by yourself. You can choose a seat in your class from all the available seats on the plane.
  • Southwest Airlines have an effective and easy boarding process got its passengers. In the process, you will be called according to your group number and boarding position. you have to go there when you will be called by your number and group.
  • With the purchase of a business ticket, you are will get group A and numbers between 1-15 in your boarding process.
  • You can upgrade your ticket to a business boarding ticket just by paying $30 to 50 dollars or you can contact the customer care executive to guide you with the process.

How can you Upgrade your Ticket to Business Class in Southwest Airlines?

There are plenty of benefits to upgrading your seat to business class. You will get more points in your southwest mile’s account, the tickets are fully refundable even if you cancel it, you have access to the entertainment option on the flight, free Wi-Fi, premium meals, and many more.

You can upgrade your ticket to business class in Southwest airlines by visiting the official website of Southwest Airlines. There you need to enter the confirmation number then the first name and lastly last name. after that, you have to look for the business option which is available on the top left of the webpage. From there you need to fill in your details and make payment to confirm your booking. After making payment you are all set to travel in your new business class.


What is the difference between Southwest anytime and Business Select?
If you have booked a Southwest anytime ticket, then you can book these tickets anytime and they are fully refundable too. When you are traveling in business class you are allowed to use the premium lounges, get VIP boarding, premium drinks and meals on board, and many rapid points in your Southwest Airlines account.
What is the benefit of Business Select on Southwest?
Premium lounges, early boarding, refundable ticket, earn traveling points, free Wi-Fi, and many more.
Can I upgrade my Southwest boarding pass?
Yes, you can upgrade your southwest airlines boarding pass by paying $30-50 dollars and enjoy early access on the plane. And this also lets you set anywhere you like as seats are not reserved by the passengers while booking tickets.


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