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How to Get Upgraded to First Class on Delta?

Make a Delta reservation using your medallion status Skymiles number. If a space is available, Delta will immediately upgrade to first class on delta for free. Members with the silver, gold, platinum, and diamond medallions get a better priority for seating.

How Do I Get a Free Upgrade to First Class on Delta?

You can modify the date, time, or location of your trip in My Trips without paying a cost because there are no change fees. Your new flight may be more expensive than your initial flight. In this situation, you would have to pay the price difference. We understand that you may need to cancel your trip and rebook it at a later time. Please keep in mind that tickets that are not modified or cancelled before to departure will lose their value.

How Do I Upgrade to First Class on Delta?

The good news is that you will not be charged a cancellation fee, and your ticket will be converted into an eCredit that you can spend at any time before it expires* (typically one year from the date of purchase). To book future travel, go to Visit our how-to guide for instructions on how to cancel or change your flight. You can also easily upgrade to first class on Delta by connecting with

How Do I Request an Upgrade on Delta?

Locate your flight booking on delta in the Fly Delta app under My Trips (Make sure you have the latest version of the app downloaded). Check the "Upgrade Preferences" box when requesting a Delta Comfort+ Upgrade. Then, for " request an upgrade on Delta" and Only upgrade if my Seat Preferences are available," check both boxes. When booking a flight on, over the phone, at the airport, or through a travel agency, be sure to include your SkyMiles® number. You can set your SkyMiles account choices to have your upgrades requested automatically whenever you make a reservation using your SkyMiles number (for eligible flights), or you can manually request them for each flight, depending on what works best for you. Find out more about the two choices:

Automatically Receive Upgrades

  • If you opt in for automatic upgrades, you can utilize the seat map to select any available1 seat across the whole seat map within your upgraded cabin or in Main Cabin when you receive a Complimentary Upgrade.
  • If you prefer to keep top upgrade priority within your Medallion eligibility term, opt in for automatic Complimentary Upgrades.
  • Take advantage of the convenience of automation.
  • If you get upgraded into a seat you don't like, are you comfortable self-selecting to another available seat?

Select Your Own Improvements

If you choose not to receive automatic Complimentary Upgrades, you can utilize the seat map to choose any available1 seat in any cabin when you receive upgrade clearance for that cabin.

If you don't want to receive complimentary upgrades, you can:

Prefer to select your preferred upgraded seat

  • Will remember to select your upgrade throughout the time period in which you are eligible.
  • Accept a lower priority status within your eligible window in order to select your desired seat.

Changing Your Preferences to Default:

If you've never changed your upgrade options in your SkyMiles profile, you'll be opted in for automatic upgrades to First Class but out for automatic upgrades to Delta Comfort+ by default. To make changes to your settings, go to:

  • Log into your account at
  • Locate Flight Preferences on the My Profile page and click 'OPEN'.
  • Locate Medallion Complimentary Upgrade Requests on the Flight Selections page and edit your preferences using the EDIT button.

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