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Emirates Airlines Children and Infant Travel Policy on Air1Network

Emirates airline is one of the biggest flight carriers of United Arab. This airline was founded in the year 1985 almost 36 years ago on October 25th. Emirates airline operates 3500 flights every day to over 150 cities and in 80 countries across the world. Emirates Airlines is the 4th largest airline in terms of revenue from passengers’ kilometers, and also holds the biggest fleet of 119 aircraft. Emirates airline provides information to its passengers easily related to their flight inquiries and on their user-friendly website which is also very easy to use by anyone and they can book a flight with Emirates Airlines effortlessly.

Emirates Airlines Infant & Children Travel Guidelines

In case of any query related to your Emirates flight booking, you can contact the customer care service which is available on the official website of Emirates airline and they will try their best with their professional knowledge to give the best comfort possible.

Can I Add Infant After Booking Emirates?

Yes, you can add infant after your book Emirates flight ticket just by going to the Manage my booking section on the official site or you can visit the Air1network to keep you updated with all the information related to your flight.

The mothers who were flying with Emirates airline and are planning to travel after the 29th week of pregnancy are needed to carry their medical certificate which should be signed by a qualified doctor. The certificate letter should meet these conditions under Emirates infant policy.

  • Confirmation of mother’s pregnancy
  • Confirmation that the mother pregnancy process is processing with no complication
  • Estimated time of delivery
  • The estimated date on which the mother is expected to be traveling fit
  • Confirmation that the health of the mother is good
  • Confirmation that there is no reason that the mother should not fly.
  • Without the proper certification, the pregnant person is not allowed in the flight, and the women having single pregnancy need clearance from the Emirates medical department after 36 weeks of their pregnancy.

Newborns who are Flying on Emirates

New newborn babies are not allowed in their first 7 days after the birth, however, they are allowed to travel for medical treatment just in case there is an emergency with an approved MEDIF form.

Infants who are Flying on Emirates.

There is no need to buy a seat for infants under 2 years under the Emirates infant policy. If an infant is traveling on your lap, then a special belt accessory will be provided by Emirates If you are bringing your safety belt for your children it should be approved to use in aircraft by:

  • Transport Canada
  • Federal aviation administration
  • Joint aviation authorities

Any person above 2 years need to have a separate seat while traveling on Emirates airline and children between 6 to 36 months need to travel on car seats or you can contact Emirates airlines to purchase a seat. Only one child is allowed to set on a lap per adult.

For Children between 2 to 12 years, parents need to purchase separate seats for them, however, these seats are discounted compared to adults’ fares.

Kids meal on Emirates Flight

Children can enjoy the special kids’ meals who are aged between 2 to 12. Parents can book the special meal in advance according to their child-specific diet, from the manage booking option on the official website. Food is hygienic and organic so you don’t need to worry about the quality of the food. If you bring your food or mean, the friendly crew will assist you with all the help you need with your food, for instance, warming food. Special milk bottles for kids are also available and you can ask the crew for them if needed.

How Do I Add my Baby to my Booking Ticket?

Business-class is one of the premium classes that is available commercially for passengers. Emirates airlines give their best to provide the extra comfort you need while traveling with your children, all things related to children such as extra baggage.

Infant and Baby Seating

Emirates airlines always try to seat families together, however, if your baby is under 2 years old you can carry them on your lap or request for bassinet or add a seat belt especially for your children.

Baby Bassinets

Baby bassinets provide comfort to your baby so that they can sleep peacefully and you can rest while onboard. For babies up to 2 Years old these are available and you can book them online via manage booking.

Breast Feeding on Board

Emirates infant Business Class policy you will be provided a comfortable environment and a blanket if necessary to feed your child without worrying.

Kids’ Special Meal or Baby Food:

Anyone on the Emirates flight can choose a special meal for their child according to their diet requirement. However, this should be booked at least 24 hours before the flight.

How to Add an Infant to your Booking is Explained Below?

  • Go to the official website of Emirates airlines and from there click the manage option for stating your infant seat booking process.
  • Under the manage option, there is manage to book, click on that and go for the guest and add infant.
  • Choose the passenger to add the infant
  • Fill in all the necessary details line, name gender, DOB, nationality, etc.
  • Go through terms and conditions and click okay
  • Infant booking-related information will be displayed on the screen to confirm and approve the details and click okay.
  • Lastly, go to the payment section to complete the booking process. After the payment, all the details will be sent to your registered mail.

Can you Add an Infant to a Flight After Booking Emirates?

Yes, you can add an infant to your flight after booking with Emirates airlines. To book a seat for an infant with Emirates flight booking you need to visit the official website of Emirates Airline and look for the manage booking option or you can visit Air1network to get information related to your booking.

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